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Registered Charity (Charity Number: 1081907)
Latin America House,, Kingsgate Place, London, NW6 4TA, United Kingdom


Inter-Cultural Youth Exchange is a unique user-led registered charity working in the field of personal, social and community development. We are an ethical volunteering organisation and ICYE volunteers support local communities worldwide and can make a real difference to peoples? lives. ICYE-UK also host volunteers in the UK because we believe strongly in the principles of a reciprocal exchange.

Here are some more points about ICYE-UK:

ICYE-UK is part of a worldwide federation of independent youth organisations established in 1949 We have a head office in Berlin and national offices in over 30 different countries.

The organisation has consultative status with UNESCO, and works in partnership with the European Commission's 'Youth for Europe' Programme, the Council of Europe (European Youth Directive) and Mobility International.

ICYE has been recognised as an 'International Peace Messenger' by the United Nations General Assembly..

ICYE-UK was established in July 1993 and is a not-for profit organisation. It is managed by a committee which is democratically elected by participants of the programme. Everyone is encouraged to have their say and to take part.

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