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Global Medicare Foundation
Registered Charity (Charity Number: No.872/G.37/D14.Vol II/SAAJP)
Opposite ENAP Junction, Bongo Aquare, Suite 11, Fakoship Plaza,, Buea, Buea, 99322, Cameroon

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About Global Medicare Foundation

Global Medicare Foundation is a non-profit that expands access to healthcare and empowers local communities and involves volunteers to tackle todays most pressing health challenges.

Global Medicare Foundation works in collaboration with local health experts, volunteers, local communities to facilitate access to health care and education in the most areas in Cameroon.

Our work consists of strengthening local health systems, educating the local populations on basic health issues they face on a daily basis, conduct baseline health surveys in villages and propose tangible solutions to these problems.

We encourage a spirit of humanitarianism, awareness, and a long-term commitment to ending health disparities amongst students, village communities and the general population at large.

We aim to reach the most remote villages in Cameroon where health care is needed.

We currently carry out sensitization works, we create partnerships with local nursing schools to gives student nurses an opportunity to gain field experience in their field of study.

We aim to open small health centers in villages where the action of the government cannot reach and by so doing to provide direct health care services to low income populations and vulnerable groups.

Through our partnership with local health institutions and we aim to put students and local and international volunteers to lead the fight for health equity.

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