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News & Features - March 2013

Witness to a Quest for Love - A Personal Perspective

Monday 4th March 2013

While raising my children in the 90”s I discovered the love they would take as a ‘given’, while growing up in the comfort of a West London home, was actually a rare commodity in the world at large. I awoke one day and knew the title for my upcoming photographic exhibition.I called it “The Extreme Frailty Of The Human Spirit”, not realising that this would go on to become the theme of my work as photographer and writer. I have since made it my business to work with charities and NGO’s as a soulful observer of humanity in all its forms, and through the dissemination of compelling words and images, my objective is to convey that ‘frailty’ to an audience of compassionate observers.

Recently I have been lucky enough to work with some inspirational organisations including Kids Company, where I worked alongside some of the UK’s most deprived young people while privileged to witness and document some of their stories, as well as facilitate photographic workshops, empowering individuals with their own voice for change.

In 2011 I spent time with a children's charity called Hermanos y Amigos, based in Cali, Colombia. Their aim: improving the lives of the nation’s most deprived communities in a country beset by conflict. I shared in these children's muddled lives while documenting  their moving stories. A consequence of this trip has been the use of one of my images by Instiglio a new social enterprise in Colombia.

Last year I accompanied a group from Charity Road Trips who create journeys to broaden horizons, while funding social change around the world. I travelled to Tajikistan with them documenting the events of a 10 day trip. Activities varied: from distributing gifts in a state orphanage; redecorating an English language centre; to educating Tajik Nationals in the finer details of equine care. The sheer simplicity of the lives of these people was an education to me: so little to their name but with such generosity. While there, we provided financial and physical support to a small charity called Sworde Teppa who are aiding enhancements in health and education in this the poorest country in Asia. Through this organistaion I was introduced to the stark reality of malaria as a wholly preventable, but in many cases,killer disease.

More recently still I have been involved with Archive Global who are using housing/design to improve health outcomes and combat disease amongst the most disadvantaged. In my time with them I have designed and facilitated photo workshops to empower people at the centre of these areas to advocate social change.

Dee King is a freelance writer and photographer who lives and works in London. Some of her published work can be found in SMart Magazine and Dantemag. More of her images can be seen at: www.deeking.co.uk

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