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News & Features - February 2013

Camp Management - a crucial role in the humanitarian sector

Thursday 21st February 2013

RedREstimates suggest more than 40 million people around the world are refugees or internally displaced persons. The Norwegian Refugee Council estimates that one quarter of these live in temporary, emergency accommodation in camps or collective centres.

Camps are not a durable solution for displaced people. However, they are often the only option for those who have been forced to flee their homes due to natural disaster or conflict. The effective coordination and management of these camp settings is therefore crucial to the health, well-being and future of millions of people.

Displacement is a complex issue. The legal rights afforded a displaced person, and who is responsible for meeting these rights, vary depending on whether they have crossed an international border (refugee) or remained within their own country (internally displaced person). Further considerations arise between urban and rural settings, between protracted and new emergencies, and between preparedness and emergency response. Alongside all of this, thought needs to be given to existing populations in the camp area, and potential conflict with and within the displaced population.

Watch Kelly Flynn, RedR and NRC Camp Management Trainer talk about the course (below)

RedR UK’s Camp Management course combines the thematic experience and expertise of the Norwegian Refugee Council with RedR’s training approach and methodology, to offer a comprehensive and highly participatory 5-day course.

Working through the three phases of the Camp Life-Cycle (Planning and Set-up, Care and Maintenance, and Durable Solutions and Closure), the course enables participants to gain competence in using Camp Management guidelines and tools. Through these tools and approaches, upon arriving in the field, participants will have not only a practical knowledge but also a set of steps to achieve the international principles and standards that inform camp and collective centre management.

The Camp Management course is running in London from 29 April to 3 May 2013. For more information or to book a place, click here.


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