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News & Features - December 2012

Look the Part

Tuesday 4th December 2012

impressionsIn an inceasingly competitive job market making the right first impression is vital.

Do first impressions really count? Yes they do infact you would be very surprised at what can be ascertained from the first few moments in someone’s presence. Indeed, it is an accepted fact that a decision can be made in the first few minutes. An interviewer or employer will discover a great deal about you in a relatively small amount of time by use of their experience in body language. It’s a bit like when you make new friends, generally speaking you know within a few moments of meeting a person for the very first time whether you will like them or not (despite knowing very little about their background). I personally think it is some form of basic primate instinct. So your first few seconds are fairly vital when you walk into that interview room or when you are greeted by your employer. We all give out different signals and these can be influenced by the way you dress, to your body language. In my opinion good body language starts with a firm handshake, (that’s firm, don’t shake their hand off!) and being smartly dressed.

Don’t bathe in perfume or aftershave as strong smells often give off an overpowering smell and can be very off putting. Not everyone has the same taste in cologne and there is nothing worse than being stuck in a room with a smell that makes you feel ill. It’s always best to be clean and neutral!

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