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News & Features - December 2012

Unlocking that door with additional skills

Tuesday 4th December 2012

door lockInterpersonal skills, creativity and the ability to diversify have been rated as some of the most important skills that you can have when hiring candidates. It’s pretty clear that employers are no longer just looking for an MA or equivalent but that little extra. What should a good candidate do now?

It seems that there is an emerging gap between education and skills as recently highlighted by some recruitment agencies. A lot of employers are now looking for a wide variety of skills and abilities – they generally do not want only a specific degree but a look at verbal, written and presentation skills, time management and customer services. Remember your skills are what make you a desirable candidate.

NGO calibre candidates must make sure that as well as having good academic qualifications to back themselves up, they need to have strong skill sets which in most cases can be found outside the class set. It is sometimes not enough to say that “my teamwork skill is my strong point.” You need to illustrate this through an example. This is where selling yourself comes across.

So how do you develop additional skills that NGOs are looking for? Internships and volunteering is a good way to get your foot through the door but the competition will be tough for the NGO market. Consider other types of work including temping, part time work that can utilise your other skills. Leading NGO organisations sometimes offer work placement programmes but it will be a case of searching websites and contacting to see if any new placements will be issued.

The main thing is to keep busy and constantly reflect on what you have gained from any experience undertaken. That reflection is vital if you are to convince an employer that you should get the job rather than someone else.

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