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News & Features - May 2012

Getting the Right Staff

Monday 14th May 2012

Hiring the right StaffA crucial game plan is to always have good staff in place or waiting to come into place when others leave. Hiring good quality staff can never be underestimated especially when your organisation needs the right skills and mind set to take over a specific role.

There is no doubt that there are more people out there searching for jobs. The automatic assumption is that filling that role is going to be easier, however this could be further from the truth. Recruitment has become actually harder especially as the volume of applicants has increased and subsequently organisations have struggled to deal with this. Sometimes there is little or no assessment done up front. It might be easier for entry level candidates but for senior level staff – who hold the key to any succession strategy, the opposite is true. The very best candidates are generally still working and in the current economic uncertainty they are more likely to stay in a secure job.

Be absolutely clear as to the experience you are looking for, be authentic and transparent about the job, the office culture and assess work load priorities as this can actually influence applicants. Whether you go for an in house recruitment scenario or an agency, much will depend on your requirements and resources. If you have a full time person who can handle the work load, then in house is often more cost effective. A niche recruitment agency who specialise in an area can also be helpful but this depends on how you work the agreement. Internal recruiters can and have often spread themselves too thinly. Using a recruitment agency is often free but try to find one that specialises in a particular field. The more you put into the start the better the client/agency relationship. Demonstrate a clear requirement and give specific detailed job descriptions. Sometimes client’s requests are almost impossible to meet, the right person simply does not exist and this is where a recruitment company’s knowledge of the market is crucial. The right person might not be available but can they suggest another option?

Recruitment is not just about getting the right employee but also about treating all candidates respectfully. It is vital to have the right resources behind the process so that it can function well. By getting the right employee, not only will your charity/NGO benefit in the short term but it will eventually groom a successful person.


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