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Careers Advice

Career Development

So many people leave their career development to chance and as a result often end up taking the wrong kind of role. You need to be clear about where you are headed in your career, and what skills and experience you need to acquire to get there. Only then can you evaluate what type of role you should be applying for now.

Getting clarity on the future and certainty about your next steps will give you a competitive edge in the application process. It will also help you maximise your development opportunities in the next role when you land it.

Questions to ask yourself

  • What aspects of my current role excite and interest me the most? What do I tend to do first?
  • What aspects of my current role do I enjoy least? What do I tend to avoid doing?
  • Which aspects of my previous roles did I really enjoy?
  • What themes have emerged from the questions above?
  • Given the above, what would my ideal job description look like?
  • What role would I love to be doing in 5 to 10 years?
  • Given these career objectives, which roles will take me a step closer in terms of skills and experience?

Take charge of your career development today and improve your chances of success.

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